Abigail Heath

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014

Organic Matter

Abigail has always been intrigued with surface textures. Due to being deaf, her other senses have been heightened especially touch. Ever since she took up macro photography she tended to observe life more and look at a scene in greater detail.

Due to technological advances, our sense of touch is getting lost. The touch senses are being reduced to keyboards and touch pads and as a result, this has changed arts and crafts. Increasingly, interactive and stimulating art pieces have become more common, appealing to other senses, not purely sight.

With her knowledge on photography, microphotography quickly triggered her passion for science, leading her to cell division for her inspiration. Microphotography and clay has allowed her to explore the textures that in many ways are part our unseen lives.

Her concept is to draw the audience in and trigger the response of wanting to handle the pieces, creating an individual narrative to each form.