Ahmad Al-Waked

MDes | 2017

A Study of Different Methods to Minimise Climate Impacts on Residential Houses Towards an Energy Saving Solution

This study will discuss and examine different methods to mitigate, control and minimize the impacts of several climate conditions on residential houses. The climate in Jordan plays a significant role in rapidly changing indoor temperatures.

The Air collector system is an old traditional method and has been used by Abbasid in their buildings to overcome severe climate conditions, Abbasid used a technique called MALQAF ( air collector or air conditioning) to overcome intense hot weather. Recently, designers sought to produce different methods like the Ventilation system to control the effects of the surrounding climate on buildings:

  1. MALQAF (Air Collector).
  2. Ventilation System.
  3. Insulation Material.

Accordingly, this study centers on combining both old and new designs’ techniques of air collectors to present the most effective system in terms of economic, efficiency, and feasibility to apply to existing buildings as well as new buildings.

This research aims to advance understanding in the working mechanism of the old air collectors’ technique which may significantly enhance completion of this study. Furthermore, this research covers three aspects (ventilation, air collectors and building insulation systems).

The outcome of this proposed technology will contribute significantly in the construction industry by minimizing the environmental impact and as well as reducing energy consumption.

In order to achieve this, this study’s findings suggest that certain measures and building strategies have to be undertaken during construction such as having an appropriate insulation system and double glazed windows.