Amos Goh

Masters | 2016

MSc Advanced Product Design at Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD)

Amos Goh - MSc Advanced Product Design

Set the retail in stores soon, Journal is a Shoe Cabinet is designed for the Singapore based furniture brand, JotterGoods. The Journal shoe cabinet adheres to Singaporean user patterns and lifestyle and a serves as a hub for the daily essentials. It is a product of the human centred design process. Staying away from the orthodox category confinements of furniture while also staying true to the philosophy of the JotterGoods brand.

Amos, a Singapore based designer, has been designing furniture for several years. His works are obtainable internationally and sit in many private and public collections. Many of which, have attained accolades throughout Asia.

Though a specialist in furniture product design, Amos is multifaceted across different design disciplines; he is well-versed in graphic design, branding, advertising and print-based mediums. With the addition of skills gained in his MSc Advanced Product Design, Amos is excited to incorporate what he has learned into his practice.