Andrea Pullicino

MA Ceramics | 2015


Is there a line that divides day and night, land and sea, east and west? Where does this line lie? It shifts continuously, it is not fixed, it is intangible. When we reach out for it, it moves on. Our perceptions are based on our current position, when we change that position our view changes and so does the world we see around us.

Through polarities we can understand the world better, it is only by knowing darkness that we can really understand light, however this dualistic view can create prejudice and division. We can sometimes forget that there are spaces where these points meet and connect and these spaces, like the shoreline between the water and land are full of the potential for life.

My current ceramic practice explores the ideas of edges and borders and challenges
the concepts of sameness and difference. I am intrigued by points of overlap where
definition is lost and meaning is not fixed in space and time. I believe that by being aware of these
transient spaces we can begin to accept that the world is not made entirely of absolutes, but is a gradual, continuous movement from one state to another.