Anh Do Vuong Quynh

MDes | 2017

Norwegian Wood

With its intimate and versatile form, book is one of the perfect mediums for artists to interpret the world and tell their story. The main aim of my practice is to investigate book as a versatile form of expression. In other words, this project examines the role of book art in navigating and introducing the audience to its visualized context and artist’s perception.

Based on one particular theme “Norwegian Wood”- a 1965 song by The Beatles which has become the inspiration for the same name novel and film adaption by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung, my work is a collection of three book types visualize different media outcome of the topic. Through this project, I expect to show how the same story is viewed in various narrative formats by the use of text, linocut prints and interactive book forms.

The question arises, whether the end message justifies the means deployed to furnish the story? And in contemporary mass media, has the book lost its function and would the digital narrative provide a seismic shift in the ensuing narrative? Above all, this project is intended as a celebration of an art form that deserved greater recognition, both as art and as visual literature.