Anne Frost

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2016

Deconstruction Construction

There are those who “do not study objects, but the relations between objects. Thus, they are free to replace some objects by others so long as the relations remain unchanged. Content is irrelevant, they are interested only in form.”

Henri Poincare (1854 – 1912)

My work is made using the potter’s wheel. The rhythmic, rotational motion of the wheel is reflected in the forms I create; circular forms with no beginning or end, each is the archetype of wholeness and eternity. Sporadic introduction of colour accentuates the round shape and makes reference to the simple harmonic motion of the wheel which gave form to these pieces

Each round form is a study of the tension between concave and convex curves and straight sections. When groups of them are presented together they resonate with each other. My work explores how forms ‘speak’ to each other and the intrigue of the negative spaces between them.

Mathematics of scale and pattern has led me to use repeating units to generate a sense of rhythm and balance. Colour, texture and surface treatment of the pieces convey movement and energy and are a means of engaging the observer.

This body of work began by investigating cylinders, slicing of which resulted in a series of annuli – or rings. Each hollow annulus is both a section of a cylinder and its hollow interior a reminder of the hollow interior of a cylinder.