Arnaldo James

Masters | 2016

MSc Product design at Cardiff School of Art & Design

Arnaldo James - MSc Advanced Product Design
Arnaldo James is a Trinbagonian venturing into product design from a career in photography, graphic design and education. His photographic works have exhibited within and outside of the Caribbean including forming commercial content for enterprises such as the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. For a number of years, James has freelanced as a graphic designer developing material for institutions like the Trinidad and Tobago Theatre Workshop and his alma mater the University of the West Indies. His work in education includes volunteer mentorship in English literacy, in addition to this, he taught various subjects in digital media with a notable focus on digital photography.

James’ major project for the MSc Advanced Product Design drew from his passion for imaging, he designed marker clusters used with optical motion capture systems. Those marker clusters provide the Cardiff School of Sport with improved accuracy in data collection, reduced expense and an eco-effective product.

Looking forward, James intends to incorporate the wealth of knowledge gained during the MSc degree in his practice, in particular, eco-effectiveness.