Charles Conreur

MA Ceramics | 2017


Foyer to be understood in its French context loosely translates to fire place and Home, a safe place of gathering and sharing. This word in its integrity grounds the conceptual nature of my practice with its ever changing and personal understanding to other and myself.

My fascination for ceramics started back during my late teens in France. My practice is influenced by my previous studies in civil engineering and architecture courses.

The question of Home is one close to my heart and as the saying goes “There is no place like home”. I explore ideas of Home using techniques common in mass production along with material languages questioning in term the often pre-conceived ideas of space. To do so, I draw inspiration from my own ‘identity’, experimenting with materials and textures; I try to incorporate notions of values such as the use of lustre. Using a combination of clay along with other materials, my aesthetic is simple, clean and one that invites the viewers to immerse themselves. This project invites you to contemplate and think what ‘Home’ is for you.