“My art practice is exploring the expression of mental because for me the process of creating an art works is such as a journey for therapy myself also a process of gradual, to reveal my real self gradually during every stage of my painting progress.

Each time when the negative mood comes out which cannot be described by words I desire to treat my spirit via painting to express the fluctuating emotions. My works had told about my personal emotion, I thought that all of my stress and anxiety seems like a mental illness, even I think every people in the world do has mental illness, more or less.

Do you think that all people in the world have mental illness?

What is it like when you are caught in a negative mood?

I use mixed media including texture, oil bar, oil colour and acrylic. The texture on my painting is the most important element, it is stand for a gap or negative space which are unresolved, such as the original and smoothly mind damaged by the negative things.

So…How do you feel when you have negative moments? I believe that this is always the things I’d wish I’d known.”