Chrisoula Konstantakou

MA Ceramics | 2017


I find it fascinating that our material clay is the one constant while technologies continue to develop and push our designs and methods in ceramic making forward. My body of work illustrates how 2D laser technology works with precision on the surface of the clay but because it’s a subtractive process, it allows me to play with the textures and tones of colour on terracotta.

I am fascinated by our clay material especially terracotta, by its inherent characteristics and symbolism, together with the historical associations and familiarity that terracotta vessels signify. My terracotta vessels are my building blocks to create my cityscape that represent the conversations between self and place. The vessels reference the modern urban architecture of my homeland Canada while the material and surface patterns bring into focus my Greek heritage. There is a mixture of cylindrical forms, patterns, textures and terra colours. This body of work is a celebration of the vessel and the language of material and process just as an urban space should celebrate its diversity in its architecture and its people.