Ciara Mc Guinness

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014

Nature’s Expression

Ciara Mc Guinness creates a series of highly decorative vessels that echo a sense of nature contained within the form.The forms she creates have a influential reference to the years of her youth, growing up on a rural fishing port on the North west Atlantic coast.She feels it is important to combine the beauty of transient nature within the solid form that is the ceramic jug. Ciara utilizes the ceramic jug as a containment vessel of a ceremonial quality, to create a sense of communication and conversation to the viewer.

Her main concern is maximizing the contrast between the idea of function and the decorative element of expression though the materiality of clay. Ciara utilizes the clay as a canvas for expression and fulfillment in not only an aesthetically pleasing way but as a sensual object, she does this by defining the forms through the contrast of tactility and colour.

Function is not a primary focus that Ciara wishes to utilize within her work. She intends to appropriate the historical context of function, as well as exploring the relationship between the beauty of nature and converge this beauty the home interior. she aims to exploit the interaction that would have formerly been a method of utilitarian means and elaborate this interaction in a highly decorative manner suggesting the ceremonial quality that the form possesses.