Claire Mace

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014

The Beauty of Unspoken Gesture

‘The philosopher’s gaze is drawn to what is most invisible and practices what is unseen. It is not about the walls that contain; it’s about what is played out inside and outside’.

– Chinese philosopher, Laozi.

Claire’s inspiration comes from an interest in thought processes; the invisible interplay between people and how they communicate on a subconscious level. This body of work attempts to reflect the sublime qualities of the unspoken gesture; quiet and undeclared, waiting patiently to be discovered, creating a moment of poetry and grace.

Wheel throwing is integral to the making, as it is the main focus for creative exploration. The amorphous qualities experienced through the sensuality of porcelain, combined with a palette of tonal blue-green celadon glaze, enhances an understanding of this quiet, calm experience, embedded and presented in the form.