Emma Tanner

MA Art & Design | 2015

Out of Chaos Came Yellow

I live in a fine balance of organised chaos, held together haphazardly with glue and ribbon. I live with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. I am who I am and try to fit within a world I do not understand.

This work visually represents how I use a mind map to create organisation from chaos. In this way I form links, ask questions and solve problems, in ways others may deem to be chaotic or not understand, but are logical to me. Each colour-coded pedestal represents a different aspect of my research; colour, sound, emotion, autism, literature and prototyping. The pedestals are connected with corresponding coloured ribbon; creating links between the different areas. The use of paper within this exhibition is a direct result of using paper prototyping and its simplicity, but also provides a juxtaposition between the limited sensory feed back of 2-D and the more in-depth sensory stimuli of 3-D objects.

The blank white books represent the gaps in research, while the paper plates are childish and simple, showing the gap between my emotional understanding and my age (30). The incomplete puzzle portrays the frustration of living with autism, trying to solve a problem but not being able to…can you finish the puzzle?

When you walk through this orgnaised chaos, touch it, feel it, hear it, try it. It is the only way I can process this world, it might be the only way you understand this chaos.