Florence Martin

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication | 2015


The brief: to research a selected word or phrase and produce a piece of work which communicates aspects of the concept that tell us something we might not have thought before, or increases/adjusts understanding of the concept.

Purgatory is between Earth and Heaven. You are not alive, yet you are not in heaven just yet. You’re neither here nor there. This piece focuses on some of the reasons why people find themselves in purgatory.

I imagined purgatory as a restaurant. It is open only during lunch time where customers can order from the menu of purgatory related sins. The breakfast menu symbolises the sins that one should have confessed to while still alive while dinner is what awaits the customer in heaven after purgatory. The receipt itemises the sins committed throughout life. Depending on the severity of the sins, longer time will be spent in purgatory. The tables are for lone diners as purgatory is a self-reflective and purifying experience to be endured alone, a prerequisite to moving on to Heaven.