James Allum

Masters | 2016

James Allum - MSc Advanced Product Design

The most essential facet to being a Product Designer is being able to adapt quickly to the changes in the World around us. My design approach and philosophy continues to adapt with each project. No two projects are the same and no formulaic approach adequate in dealing with the varying challenges facing me. Along with an array of new skills, I have honed my design judgement over the period of the MSc to ensure that I can adapt my abilities to suit each challenge with evermore efficiency, ingenuity and knowledge.

My work as a Design Consultant, with a rapidly growing Life Sciences company has granted me the unique opportunity of working as a singular designer within a team of multifaceted, creative and dynamic scientists. Working in a commercial design context, I have been granted responsibilities and creative freedom which have accelerated my learning and taught me valuable lessons in design judgement and managing the design process. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to apply my skills in a sector which brings genuine positive change to people’s lives. It is my ambition to continue adapting to ensure I can bring about more positive changes in the future.