“I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating work exploring conflict, community, immigration and simulation through the skewed view of contemporary internet culture. My work can take the form of computer games, sound, video, paintings and digital objects.

For this exhibition, two screens display two opposing views of the same live landscape. Tension builds in the slow lulling of the waves and distant helicopter rumble, but a violent release is only insinuated and never revealed as the helicopter lands just beyond the immediate horizon. This loop repeats approximately every 10 minutes.

Inspired by both historical images from the ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland and modern border & immigration issues (such as Brexit), this randomly-generated generic landscape allows for both topographic and metaphoric interpretations, referencing real-life locations, problems and communities.

The environment was created using popular computer game production software, Unity 3D, and displays as a live, autonomous game without the need for user interaction.”