Jillian Goodrich

BA (Hons) Fine Art | 2017

Curved Perspective of Place

My recent body of work has been an exploration of the interaction between memory and places that are liminal or transitory. With this, I draw on the idea of the ‘non-place’; the idea that spaces that do not contain any significance to someone might be regarded as not a place. Place and non-place exist in degrees rather than a pure single state because of its subjective nature. These liminal spaces are often encountered while traveling from one place to another or even in spaces where your primary goal to arrive elsewhere. I paint from my own extensive experiences and memories of travel and my memories of being suspended in the transitory. Fragmented memory, also existing in a flexible state, is unreliable with details resulting in images of the shape of the space without significant detail. By bending the canvas and its interpretation of perspective, the aim of this work is to give a different understanding any non-places that might been countered.