Jo Ward

Masters | 2016

Master of Design Student Cardiff

Jo Ward

Space | Object | Line | Representation | Perception

I produce objects which dwell in the relational space between object and perception; of space; of linear and solid mass and tectonic. I expose the metaphysical engagement with interpretation and relative space.

Connecting points in space (12) through the use of arrow and y junctions, produces the illusion of tectonic materiality in a two-dimensional plane. Surfaces alluding to object depth creating a metaphorical, illusory real occupation of space. This visual dichotomy of the representation of form and the series of lines provides a provoking process posing questions about why we are able to visualise the work in these ways. Creating a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms that interact with the viewer’s perceived relationship with space provide a construct for the practice.

Utilising multi disciplinary practices in order to convey the stereograph of allotrope-like tectonic structures. This exploration resides in the interplay of viewer and space using minimalist material structures to create an object that has cognitive coherence.