Lucy Young

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014


Lucy technical method of creating her ceramic pieces is by using porcelain slip with added commercial stains. By firing her pieces at different temperatures she is able to create a wide variation of colours within her work. Lucy enjoys the sense of play and juxtaposition within her practice. She finds it rather satisfying to be able to assemble and resemble individual components within her work. By doing so she is able to create a variation of collections that are arranged from order and law to complete and utter chaos. Art and Social science has always fascinated Lucy from an early age and has been a great influence in her development of her ceramic work. The Bauhaus movement has especially influenced Lucy’s ceramic work; this can be seen through a combination of oddity, shapes and colour. She is particularly interested in social science research that investigates the question of ‘What external and internal factors play apart in why we arrange things in a certain way.