Abstraction is my primary visual language and the building blocks of my work. Line one of the seven elements of art and the central focus of my work coordinates together form, space, shape, and colour and material process. It encompass the essence of idea, thought and action that brings me to the state of understanding and becoming aware of my professional practice in linear abstraction.Linear is a great place to interpret the created piece of my art work through professional actualization in painting . It is the finger print of my personal expression and relates to my emotional state, it is a way of thought projection ,feelings and evoking the natural processes of life. It reminds me of a continuation ad- infinitum of life. My focus is how creative repetitive flow of lines can influence and expand lateral thinking and how all the part in composition relate to one another to form work of art.

My challenge as an abstract artist is that the concept of expression and representation of linear movement will speak and tell a positive story and message about beauty that can be gained from aesthetic experience of”