My photographic work is generated by the act of walking in the city, and the instinctive relationship I build with the landscape forms the basis of both the images I create and their style of presentation. My photographs typically seek to portray the mood and character of neglected urban spaces, and I exhibit them in a dynamic yet ambiguous manner which allows the viewer to react instinctively to, and make connections between, the individual images which constitute the greater body of work. As a reference to the photograph’s current status as an icon which can be limitlessly created, and is so often presented juxtaposed with other images, the display montage can be split apart and re-configured in different compositions. For example, a smaller cluster of images, or even single works, can be shown. This potential adaptability is essential as the work has no final template and can be re-imagined for different exhibition environments and themes. This sense of the images existing in an unfixed, ever malleable form is a key element in my practice, and is an extension of the initial, instinctive relationship that I build with the landscape.