“My work explores the relationship between Nature, consciousness and spirituality.

I use the Temple theme symbolically in much of my work. Here the prehistoric stone circle represent one of our earliest forms of organised worship. The stones symbolise our potential to connect with Nature and our capacity to connect with the Cosmos.

The stone circle stands above the Noosphere, the layer of cognition that surrounds the Earth. The Noosphere marks the third stage of the Earth’s evolutionary development and directly represents our global collective consciousness. Chardin described the Noosphere as the biological reality of our thought, not only that our thought is caused by biological interactions but also that our thought and our collective attention feedback on the eco system creating a loop – a collective relationship with the Planet.

We are now at a critical point where we desperately need to reassess that relationship. The consequences of today’s harsh reality of vast global pollution and climate change have created a crisis. We are now challenged to evolve to the next stage of our evolution: the evolution of our minds. This work questions whether it is already too late for us, or indeed for Nature.

“”Our future lies in the mind; our weary planet’s only hope of survival is that we find ourselves in the mind and make of it a friend that can reunite us with the earth while simultaneously carrying us to the stars.”” (McKenna, T. 1992).”