Miranda Rigsby

BA (Hons) Fine Art | 2017

Urban Residential Landscapes

Within the paintings I have suggested an abstract urban/ residential landscape, the central stage is the intermediate, transparent, undefined, unfinished and the in-between. I have focused on is the physicality of my body in the application of paint and materially of the pushing; pulling of substance once it is applied onto the surface of wood. This process is most effective and creates more successful pieces when the application of paint is more abstract. Creating these paintings could raise questions about the importance of subject matter and what our expectations are of painting. My aim is to create an abstract setting allowing the source and process to enable a structure, with a sense of a horizon, an idea of naivety in the colour; like a child’s understanding that the sky is blue and the grass is green. All of my paintings originated from distorted photographs, which features my five year old nephew’s back garden. I have tried to maintain the positioning of the photos to keep the sense of the original landscape, using the surrounding toys and figures to identify depth within the piece. I have used unrealistic colour in sections so that the paintings form layers, the orange and blue were small parts of the garden, but play a larger more important role within the work as these sections are what enables space between colours.