Pui Sze Jennifer Choy

MA Ceramics | 2016

Pui Sze Jennifer Choy - MA Ceramics

The Black Pubes

What is the true measurement for erotic art in contemporary: a hypothesis erotic the sense exist not within a shape but a form, not within the imagery of our human nude, but within the details of the nude. The coniform, the wrinkles, the vaginal opening; it is rather curious to understand when ones’ vision focused at the pudendum, which is the part within a vagina seized the gaze and why? Would it be the colours from flesh, the texture of the skin or the negligence black lines are that very reason intriguing your senses?

Following my previous writing from earlier 2016, which attempted in identify the ambiguity between artefacts as erotica and pornography, through the contradictory from varies morality and censorship criticizes in art; the study have therefore entered the territory to analyse with a more in depth manner toward the body and the senses, which have led to my current researches in examine the ideology imposed on nude, the female nude and each elements contained by a vulva, seeking to clarify for that particular which might preserved the power in trigger the erotic sense from the visual aspect, to differentiate and dismantle the scandal for the female vagina and erotica.

Undressed the form and the unrestrained, The Black Pubes provided the opportunity to examine, emphasise and magnify the chosen particular element of the pubes, which stimulated from study of paintings The Nude Maja, 1797 and L’Origine du monde, 1866 for instance; in relation to the hairlessness vulva portrayed in the western art history, the possibility of puberty being misinterpret and the truthfulness of the measurement for erotica in time.