Rebecca Hammett

MFA | 2015


Integral to the pursuit of understanding, human beings extend themselves – combining flesh with machine to excel beyond limitations, we progress, struggling to adapt to new parameters. This co-existence is not necessarily one of harmony; as tensions build we remain flesh and bone, only displaced from our bodies.

These exoskeletons were produced over the duration of one year and designed to apply to my body, moving with it and producing gestures. Orchestrated from an emotional starting point as the result of past traumatic experiences I embody these feelings. I aimed to treat my body as unable/obsolete, creating friction between body control and exoskeletons in the pursuit to leave marks at events in different locations.

As the exoskeletons’ developed more opposing forces were added giving them their own sense of autonomy. It became clear that not only were they becoming extended flesh, but something far more interesting. We were juxtaposed beings co-existing through my movements; these devices were given their own lifespan. Now isolated from their original surroundings they exist displaced from me. Without flesh what is their identity?