My work blends fragments of memory, humour, emotion and fiction into images that depict slightly distorted female figures caught in pensive moments, alluding to the idea that there is a witness present, and that their watching is somehow intrusive or forbidden. Yet the figure appears aware that she has become the protagonist, with a neutral expression that is somehow unknowable.

With the subject’s outward gaze and the subtle suggestion of a wider emotional context, I aim to generate an atmosphere of tension that is left to the viewer to interpret. There is no singular narrative, but I am interested in how the viewer’s projections allow for multiple narratives to exist simultaneously.

By adding objects to the suggestion of mundane domesticity, I hope to create something that is unsettling in its incongruence. Drawing on Freud’s notion of the uncanny, these domestic, ambiguous narratives intend to convey a sense of estrangement within the home.

The images often appear disjointed, with implausible perspectives, referring to the drawings and collage process that the paintings originate from.