Shruti Bansal

MA Ceramics | 2016

Masters of Ceramics at cardiff Shool of Art & Design

Memoirs of Transformation

“Life doesn’t last; art doesn’t last. It doesn’t matter.”

– Hesse, E. (1970)

We all experience the inevitability of life, and death within life. It is a vicious circle that no one can escape, leaving behind a vacuum after we lose people close to us.

Having experienced it personally, it inspired me to start exploring the metaphoricity of containment and transformation, as it may affect life and death within the nature of process and materiality. I became more curious about the elements that, by being so fragile, usually disclose a close affinity to fragility of life. Once it is broken, no ‘super glue’ can fix it. All that is left behind is the memoirs of the fragmented pieces!

The repetitive clayey layers of memories begin to perpetuate those different spaces that sometimes life can occupy, embedded with all these different kinds of experiences and events. Everytime a layer falls down, there is another one to keep the memories going.

Life goes on…
Dust of Porcelain just blows away!

‘The voices of dust, the soul of dust, these interest me a lot more than flowers, trees or horses…’

– Jean Debuffet