Abstract Identity

The central concept of my work was a combination of inner space, negative space, rough and distorted volume on uncompleted figures.

The figures that are emotionally shaped and affected by space carry heavy tumour volume and stand on pointy tripod feet which reflects how the position of individuals in space, place of living in society can be so unstable.

These obscure forms which each have a unique identity could never be completed because they are in constant transition of becoming in existence. Nevertheless, the progress of my work gave me a period of time to work with the realisation how the individual identity would shape and reveal his or her identity by not being a stranger.

The blown heavy volume of these figures are communicating the story of displacement and the journey that each of these individuals have seen. The deformed and hollow figures are speaking out about this displacement which rises from their place-identity and their cultural issue. The culture they left behind and attained the new one in their new “dream land “the old identity engraved within mixes with new forming a sort of alienation and frustration within oneself. This is metaphorically sculptured into distorted mutilated forms. These poetic forms reference the struggle by combining duality and two opposite contexts together at the same time. flatulent but empty and representing void.

These forms are constructed by different hand thrown conical shapes and altered while they are hand sculptured together. This mixed hybrid concept juxtaposes the traditional and functional pottery and glazing to the visually abstract form.

The notion of contradiction or being always opposite. being in between physically and mentally, like heaviness and lightness in these vases

– All the energy turned to inside and pushes the skin out, almost like the vase is screaming inside and tearing internally.