Newport Public Library

This is a design proposal for a modern public library in the heart of Newport city. Not only has it been designed to serve its purpose as a one stop centre for news, Knowledge (both in print and digital), a community social Hub and a good cup of coffee, It has been designed to be an attraction that will be the New face of Newport. The Building shape and material choice have been chosen to give it a futuristic look in order to depict Newport’s progression since obtaining city status in 2002. Although the main structural frame has been designed using reinforced concrete, aspects of sustainable design like generation of electricity using solar panels set into the glazing, a green roof that will not only help maintain an ambient environment with in the building but will also slow rain water runoff, easing pressure on the city drains and the harvesting of rain water for non-portable use have been incorporated into the building design to help reduce its carbon footprint. The project has been carried out to completion with the production of all necessary construction and detail drawings, elevations, sections, a technical report and the generation of realistic 3D renderings.