Thomas I Preece

BSc (Hons) Architectural Design & Technology | 2015

The Cardiff Bay Gallery of Cinematic Art

The project on display is a large cinematic themed art centre with the idea of it being a unique experience for all its visitors.

The main objective for this building is for it to be a memorable experience which will encourage visitors to return with their friends and families. This building aims to stand out from other buildings around it by virtue of its shape and use of materials. Above all else the design of the building should be striking and should be easy to identify within the context of Cardiff bay. The construction of the building is well considered incorporating large elements of environmental technologies along with several examples of “new” technologies.

The environmental decisions made in this project are celebrated throughout the structure as this will form part of the structures marketing strategy for future visitors however these environmental feature should not be presented in a way which is obvious so a level of thought has been given to this requirement. The environmental credentials of the building should govern every decision made in the design and should not be considered as an afterthought. The end product should also incorporate levels of basic materials such as concrete and timber which must be visible in the structures fabric.

This presentation is a visual and technical example of work produced for this project throughout the this final academic year.