Tom Margett

MA Art & Design | 2018

“One of Virginia Woolf’s earliest memories is of the pattern of flowers on her mother’s dress, seen close-up as she sat on her lap during a train journey to St Ives. The purples, red and blues. (Woolf, V. 2002 New ed. Moments of Being, page 78).
At certain points early on in life we form memories of colours, smells, sounds, places and sensations that stay with us throughout our lives. These are often our fondest and most cherished memories of an experience. When we remember and think about our Childhood and growing up, specific memories still create vivid images in our heads.

The set and short animated film are an illustrated response to an investigation into my own specific childhood memories. Using my stop motion and hand-drawn animated practice as a playground for these memories to come to life.

I invite you to investigate your own childhood memories and think about your fondest and cherished memories of growing up.”