Tsz Ying Fung

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2016


My work explores the creation of Chinese ceramics and the appropriation of traditional skills into Western contemporary aesthetics. Searching for resources from traditional culture and using them as a mirror to advance and to continue the current culture is an important element of contemporary Chinese ceramics.

I am passionate about traditional skills and interested in materials and forms. Contemporary ceramics offers a sufficient room for me to extend my intent. Chinese artistic creation has long been restricted by rules and traditional views. My motivation is hoping to give Chinese ceramics a new interpretation. In the field of ceramic art creation, I aspire to reinforce the traditional ceramics discourse and thus open up a new direction in development of ceramics.

The advancement of civilization and technologies of the modern world benefit many of us, on the other hand contradiction and conflict have increasingly intensified. Seeking harmony is desired. Simplicity gives calmness through which to generate a moment of tranquillity. The aim of my practice, is to record daily life that surrounds us. I sketch fragments of life then transfer my sketches onto porcelain in blue and white. The contrast between hues gives stark beauty to the pieces.

The organic form of the object and refined porcelain conveys a tactile quality as well as emphasing the original nature of the material. The modern sketching applied with traditional shading techniques represents the inseparable relationship between the present and the past.