I believe that design is all about problem solving with foresight. It is my driving principle that there is always a way to enhance every design out there with an enriched design solution or establish a new approach to an existing problem with no current solutions. Therefore, I bring this perspective and insight to every design problem I encounter in order to achieve the best result possible.

I vastly utilise user research in all my work as this is where my strengths lie within the product design process. Nonetheless vital information can be gathered from firsthand experiences of those who encounter complications with in the design or sense there is the need for a new design. Due to the fact they will have primary insights into what needs to occur to create an established product that works for them. This knowledge can then be used throughout the design process in order to create the product around what the user requires so the final solution is what the client wishes for.

Working within this field I know from work produced and projects I have undertaken thus far as an individual and on a group basis, I will be an asset to any team I work within and will be able to produce innovative user focused designs specific to the intended end client. By the use of heavily influenced user research that is carried out before the start of the process.

Credaf fod dylunio yn golygu datrys problemau ymlaen llaw. Fy egwyddor arweiniol yw bod ffordd o wella pob dyluniad gydag ateb sy’n cyfoethogi’r cynllun neu feithrin dull newydd o ddatrys problem gyfredol heb atebion ar hyn o bryd. Felly, rwy’n defnyddio’r syniad a’r safbwynt hwn gyda phob problem ddylunio er mwyn sicrhau’r canlyniad gorau posib.

Rwy’n gwneud cryn ddefnydd o ymchwil defnyddwyr yn fy holl waith gan mai dyma yw fy nghryfderau o fewn y broses dylunio cynnyrch. Serch hynny, mae modd casglu gwybodaeth hanfodol o brofiadau uniongyrchol rhai sy’n wynebu cymhlethdodau gyda’r dyluniad neu’n teimlo bod angen dyluniad newydd – oherwydd bod ganddynt safbwyntiau sylfaenol am yr hyn sydd angen digwydd er mwyn creu cynnyrch sefydledig sy’n gweithio iddyn nhw. Yna gellir defnyddio’r wybodaeth hon gydol y broses ddylunio er mwyn creu’r cynnyrch sy’n seiliedig ar anghenion defnyddwyr fel mai’r ateb terfynol yw dymuniad y cleient.

Wrth weithio yn y maes hwn, ac ar sail y gwaith a gynhyrchais a’r prosiectau a gyflawnais hyd yma fel unigolyn ac mewn grŵp, rwy’n gwybod y byddaf yn gaffaeliad i unrhyw dîm rwy’n gweithio ynddo, ac y byddaf yn gallu creu cynlluniau arloesol sy’n canolbwyntio ar ddefnyddwyr, yn benodol ar gyfer y cleient terfynol – trwy ddefnyddio ymchwil gyda chryn ddylanwad defnyddwyr a gynhelir cyn dechrau’r broses.

Oxy Doc

The task was to design a product for children to transport their own oxygen cylinders. As well as encouraging a child’s independence, enabling them to explore and learn without constant adult help while being the envy of all the other children. The Oxy-Doc as the capacity to hold 2 oxygen cylinders as well as having a scooter at the back. The outer frame of the product can be fully personalised using white board pens.

Orange Bin

Here is a new bin system designed for DS Smith to encourage users to recycle their unwanted cardboard as well as starting the first mile of recycling. The bin itself has an in-built shredder system with a weighing scale at the moment to notify the DS Smith team when then bin reaches maximum capacity. The bin also has a contactless point for a designated card for users to collect points which turn into rewards.

Exploded view Parkinson’s pill press

Here is the exploded view of a pill press specifically designed for those with the condition Parkinson’s. The product has been carefully to designed to help those Parkinson’s release their tablets from a blister packet which is a usually a difficult task especially with the symptoms involved such as tremors. The product has easy to use guides which help line up the tablets and then an easy to use plunger system to then release them.

W2W chair

Introducing Postool a unique chair that enhances natural human interaction. A large part of how we communicate with each other is nonverbal. What you say to people with your eyes or your body language is just as powerful as what you say with words. The Postool is stemmed from an exercise ball the idea being that your abdominal/back muscles are constantly engaged and active to maintain proper posture thus forth making you more open.

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