It is probably far to say this final year was not what I initially thought would happen, or had planned, however, this situation has allowed to me to adapt to unpredictable circumstances. My work this year has been focused on human centered and purposeful design, ensuring that we design for the user and a sustainable future. For me, this year has allowed me to emphasise the importance of manufacturing and material choices, which have given me the chance to engage with sustainability and the longevity of a product. As an inspiring product designer, I would love for my designs one day to make a difference in people’s lives. This has certainly influenced the products I have produced this year.

Mae’n debyg ei bod yn deg dweud nad yw’r flwyddyn olaf hon wedi bod yr hyn yr oeddwn i’n meddwl a fyddai, neu yr oeddwn wedi’i gynllunio, fodd bynnag, mae’r sefyllfa hon wedi caniatáu imi addasu i amgylchiadau anrhagweladwy. Mae fy ngwaith eleni wedi canolbwyntio ar ddylunio pwrpasol sy’n canolbwyntio ar bobl, gan sicrhau ein bod ni’n dylunio ar gyfer y defnyddiwr a dyfodol cynaliadwy. I mi, mae eleni wedi caniatáu imi bwysleisio pwysigrwydd gweithgynhyrchu a dewisiadau deunydd, sydd wedi rhoi cyfle imi ymgysylltu â chynaliadwyedd a hirhoedledd cynnyrch. Fel dylunydd cynnyrch ysbrydoledig, byddwn wrth fy modd pe bai fy nyluniadau un diwrnod yn gwneud gwahaniaeth ym mywydau pobl. Mae hyn yn sicr wedi dylanwadu ar y cynhyrchion rydw i wedi’u cynhyrchu eleni.

Migration is bringing the world even closer together, but language barriers can pose a great divide in society. This project looks at how we can utilise creative confidence in children, within the healthcare system, to help them effectively translate and interpret their surroundings and procedures.

Children can develop the skills for another language quickly in comparison to adults. However, this means that some parents become reliant on their children to help them with translation, which may lead to an over reliance in the future. This project would allow for creative confidence of the child to confidence of the child to grow without barriers, and play as a child once more, as this is a situation that is removed from them, from time to time, as they essentially work as a translator for their parents and the documents and day to day life they deal with, as well as the life the child is living themselves.

BOW utilises the existing cardboard packaging that is currently being supplied to the healthcare system. The project looks at intensifying the use of the material, this will ensure a lower distribution cost, it is convenient, and gives a second purpose to otherwise disposable cardboard packaging. Pictured above is a selection of prototypes created for this project.

The breeze family is a collection of air pollution monitors designed against anti-smog trees to educate and raise awareness of air pollution and its detrimental impact on children and the future generations. According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution kills an estimate of seven million people each year [WHO,2018]. The product looks at targeting schools and homes (especially in high-polluted areas), and how the outdoor air pollution contributes towards the indoor air pollution we face daily.

The breeze family is designed for manufacture, the main goal for the project is to design a simple output for the user to understand. The product looks at connecting to air supply/ filtration (carbon capture) systems in commercial properties, such as: schools and flats, as they may not be able to open the window due to high air exposure, and so the air quality in the room would benefit from this.