The endless possibilities presented through the creation of illustration and animation have been a constant in
getting through difficult times in my life, especially during my formative years when very few things were. The
opportunity to create my own realities, despite being on paper, seemed magical. Growing into adulthood has only
solidified my belief that art is magic.

This is perhaps why most of my work focuses around emotion and how I can convey feelings through still or moving
images, preferably without dialogue. Most likely due to the nature of keeping my opinions to myself as a child
during conflicting times. Despite my interest in artwork as anything more than a hobby being discouraged, as soon
as I realized animation could open a broad spectrum of job opportunities up I knew I had to be involved. After
dabbling in animation on my own I decided to go to university to further my education and experience in the field.
While studying animation I also simultaneously worked on my illustration skills as they go hand in hand.

Though I have much to learn I look forward to the challenges and triumphs to come and can only hope that it all
shows through in my work, and connects with people on an emotional level.