My work is a combination of `old to new and new’ items. I have endeavoured to combine many old and new skills in my present collection. Some artists choose to work in a specific media and are content to experiment within that media perhaps in conservative, conventional ways, while others prefer to work with a variety of media in an effort to combine them into abstract forms. I belong into the latter category. Despite being abstract in design my pieces are functional. I also enjoy bringing humour into my work, albeit only one example in this collection. The collection consists of pieces that were `old’ which have been adapted to become ‘new’, while others are completely `new’. The essential `newness’ to all pieces (and new to me also) is the addition of LEDS with remote controls to six pieces and antique lighting bulbs added to two entirely `new’ pieces. All are functional table lamps in one form or another. The materials that I have used to make the pieces (apart from the electrics) are stained glass, welded mild steel, perspex, cork and where applicable, bases are made from tulip wood (poplar). The one humorous piece is a cheese grater!