BA Ceramics

We are the Students of the Pandemic

This years graduates make history. As they watched the class of 2020 gallantly graduate under chaotic conditions, who could have guessed the tsunami of worldwide pandemic would extend to eclipse their own graduation, a year later.

It is a legacy that will resonate in their future endeavours for decades to come. For students of this most historic and skill-based craft, the last 16 months has gifted the honour of responding to an unprecedented chapter, resulting in work chronicling their personal experiences, a narration of themes surrounding wellbeing, isolation, sustainability and chaos.

Perhaps the most significant development has been the extent to which innovation is exposed in each students practice. From the hasty relocation of studio space to bedrooms, dining rooms and garages around the country, to embracing online citizenship skills, to ground-breaking use of alternative materials, this group of students had to learn to adapt at lightning speed.

They are the Zeitgeist of Covid 19, creating extraordinary opportunities and precedents in Ethical, Digital, Global and Entrepreneurial contexts.

As a collaborative, they have already produced two professional exhibitions; the innovative ‘Studiogeist’ online exhibition in collaboration with Llantarnum Grange Art Centre, and the unthinkable; a physical display of work at the Ken Stradling Collection in Bristol: ‘To Reconfigure – Intuitive; Reflective; Adaptive’. As part of this, they embraced the global reach of online events, engaging a community of creative individuals, hosting a series of successful Panel discussions, ‘Adapting Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Adapting Practice’ all under the ‘Studiogeist’ brand.

Alongside collaboration, they have also excelled at the art of diversification. This cohort of accomplished ceramicists now includes talented visionaries, curators, project managers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers and educators.

The Graduates of 2021 have proven themselves to be exemplary self-motivated, independent, and autonomous professionals, with a diverse skillset identifying them as worthy heir apparent of the ceramic sector and beyond.

Jane McFarlane BA Graduate 2021