Fine Art

Welcome to Cardiff School of Art & Design’s BA (Hons) Fine Art degree show catalogue for 2024. The Summer Show takes place from the 7th – 13th June 2024 at our Llandaff campus. You can find out more about our students work below.



I like to create thought-provoking artwork through thick, textured, layered abstract paintings with vibrant gestural sculpture marks.

I have been branching these paintings into installations, through the use of colour and reclaimed materials. I use reclaimed materials as I believe it creates a lovely concept by giving ‘waste-materials’ another purpose.


I celebrate the overlooked, small and delicate details of nature through the use of repetition and patterns that are hidden in day to day life. Colour is an important factor that is of high importance when creating my work as well as my own aesthetic judgement throughout the process.


My work explores the increasingly popular yet controversial subject of artificial intelligence, and how it destroys jobs and creativity. Through my fluency in multiple mediums such as photography, graphic design, printmaking and more I aim to blur the lines between reality and fiction.


My current body of work focuses on Greek mythologies, mostly with a slightly more modern twist to them. My recent pieces have centred around Icarus and his love for the sun. I plan to explore further with other stories like Circe, Medusa and Orpheus and Eurydice.


Inspired by old home videos and photos, I explore womanhood through moving images, contrasting my mother’s and my upbringing. Using sound and visual manipulation, I create an introspective environment, expressing my feelings about womanhood and inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences. 


I am a Welsh artist who makes work surrounding the ideas of identity and how the places we live, or call home inform who we are as people. My work has an autobiographical element, I focus on identity and idea of home which for may can be so different.


“This House Has No Living Room” beckons with a haunting invitation, suggesting a home where the essence of togetherness is missing. It conjures visions of empty spaces yearning for connection, an interactive void that asks participants to fill the silence, transforming absence into a collective quest for presence.


I am a homebody at heart, looking to my household surroundings and routine for comfort. Representing these simple pleasures in painted form reminds me of their importance, and to appreciate the value of daily moments.



My work revolves the influence of music on our bodies, making marks in reaction to sound. Taking music and using audio reactive software to abstract the sound visually. Using mainly acrylic paint and mixing mediums, to produce a synaesthetic experience with colour and sound, combining flat shapes with fluid complex backgrounds.


My ceramic art reflects the fragile beauty of coral reefs, capturing their natural beauty and intricate forms. Through my work, I highlight the devastating impact of coral bleaching, aiming to raise awareness and inspire action to protect these vital marine ecosystems from climate change and human activities.



This piece is about the longing to be in my home country, Greece. It is made with traditional Greek techniques and patterns. It is a part of a larger body of work exploring themes of home and domesticity.


I am an impressionist figurative painter, with a primary focus on self-portraiture. My work reflects that of what it’s like to experience life with neurodivergence, and how my mental health impacts my worldview.



My practice is autobiographical, expressing aspects of the self and bringing vulnerabilities to light. Working with different mediums, I choose the materials which best suit the idea of the piece. It is my ambition to create art that the observer can put their own interpretation to, and hope to open a space for conversation.


My practice focuses on abstraction through unpredictability and intuitive painting. I follow an order of processes that begins with action painting and gestural mark making. This is followed by editing, removing and highlighting different marks and spaces to create a contrast in layering. The edited spaces then begin to appear as separate shapes that sit within the painting. This creates a push and pull between the layers and marks within the work. My colour palettes are often generated by shuffling and organising sets of Pantone colour cards to feed into the unpredictability of the painting and inspire juxtapositions of colour that branch out from my usual choices.


Inspired by the beauty of spiderwebs, my crochet installations create a web of creativity which adapts to the space to transform them into captivating environments. Like a spider meticulously crafting its webs, I meticulously crochet intricate patterns which aim to give the illusion that they may take over the space.


My artwork explores emotion, movement, and the impact of patterns, shapes, and colour on perception. My process-driven approach involves layering different mediums such as, acrylic, ink, oil pastels, etc to create depth and texture. My artistic philosophy is rooted in exploration. I view each painting as a journey that evolves alongside my experiences and emotions. This fluid approach allows me to continuously adapt and grow, creating work that feels alive and dynamic.


My work’s theme is discomfort, focusing on teeth because they often unsettle people, especially when portrayed unusually. As the only visible bone, teeth connect us all. I invite you to find yourself in my depictions, whether you feel represented or uncomfortable.


My practice revolves around the notion of home. Blaenau Ffestiniog and my family’s heritage has always had great influence on my work. I explore these concepts through painting landscapes as a reflection and expression of the feelings of longing for home. The landscapes I paint are of Ffestiniog or landscapes where I have felt a profound sense of belonging.


My practice is heavily influenced by upbringing by the sea. Constant interaction with coastal environments informs the etching prints, audio recordings and experimentation with etching plates. I look to bring various elements from the coast, and my experience there, into an exhibited display.


Through a delicate balance of form and emotion, my pieces invite viewers to immerse themselves in the ambiguity of the nude, challenging perceptions and eliciting reactions to the human body. Each stitch meticulously placed, breathes life into my creations, making them a tangible representation of raw beauty and vulnerability. As a fine artist pushing the boundaries of conventional art, my art aims to go beyond aesthetics to provoke thought and spark conversations about how we perceive and interact with the body.


I am a Welsh based artist and my work mainly focuses around portraits and mental health, combining a tattoo style portrait with my own poetry about mental health, I mainly work with fine liners or screen print but sometimes I paint these portraits in to a mural.


In my artistic practice, I explore the complex relationship between nature and industry by reflecting on the overwhelming power of nature. I aim to reflect on the purposeful containment and control put on nature in industrial landscapes and how humans have tried to shape and manipulate the natural world to fit our needs.


My practice focuses on exploring my own perception of the world through my anxiety. I use found materials and sustainable process to push the limits of a material’s potential, beyond its commercial use. I view my work as an opportunity to navigate personal feelings, focusing specifically on depth through layering.