Jack Newman is a Cardiff- based mixed media illustrator that works with a blend of both physical and digital tools. His current work focuses on recapturing the sense of nostalgia found within children’s books from the late 20th century in the attempt to rejuvenate the imagination of today’s parents just as much as their little ones.

Through storytelling, Jack narrates his own personal yet common struggles of figuring out where his true passion lies. This takes place within the confides of a colourful story written and illustrated for a target audience of 5-7 year olds. Through the two books created thus far, he hopes to reiterate the importance of reassuring children that it is perfectly acceptable to not know their own identity, and he hopes that the message sticks with them all throughout life until they find their answer.

Humour and affection is poured into each flowing rhyme of the story and is exaggerated with his vividly vintage colour palette. Jack feels like it is crucial that anyone of any age can pick up his book and get something from it, be it as simple as a greater appreciation of colour or inspiration that can carry them forward.