The colours of Cornwall are recorded throughout art history as holding particular warmth and radiance, as being mysteriously heightened by a brilliant quality of light called over from the Atlantic sea. It is fascinating how the different levels of sunlight can change our perception, and cause us to experience something familiar as if for the first time.My use of colour and their composition are inspired by the vibrant boats of Mevagissey, a small fishing village in Cornwall that has had a profound impression on me from an early age. It is this childhood memory that I try to capture through colour and composition from the varied textures of ropes and nets, to the rusted ladders and plastic fenders.
The mixture of vibrant colours and slightly muted browns against the neutral grey are an attempt to recreate the experience the quality of light in Cornwall, emphasising certain colours and shapes while pushing back others, directing your eye from one piece to the next.
This memory of colour, form and composition is re-created through high fired stained porcelain, its smooth glass-like qualities resembling the boats, whilst the selective bands of high shine glaze reference the glistening surface of the water they float upon.