Textile Design

Welcome to the 2024 Textile Design degree show. Explore the work produced by our students below.


Petals in Bloom is a forest inspired textile collection for soft furnishings and upholstery. The collection originates from bluebell forests I grew up around, capturing the essence the first day of spring creates, telling a story of nature coming together in its most beautiful form. The title ‘Petals in Bloom” is a reference to the sea of bluebells which bloom for a short period of time as well as the additional wildlife and florals that appear alongside them. Featured in the collection is the utilisation of different forms of stitch and embellishment, complimenting digitally printed illustrations inspired by 19th century needlework patterns, interiors and textiles..


This collection takes inspiration from picnics in the park with friends and family. Looking at the food seen at picnics, it explores fruit in a playful and colourful way to capture the essence of a summertime picnic. The collection was created with the kitchen in mind to create a sense of joy and colour, and consists of designs and patterns suitable for table linen.



A Playful Summer is about reliving my childhood summer memories and the experience of growing up. The collection is digitally embroidered, beaded or embellished and derived from photographs, memories and objects. The feeling of nostalgia is usually a yearning for our past selves, not just for a time and place. We crave to feel the positive emotions that we felt, to connect to the version of ourselves we were at the time we are reminiscing about.


Taking inspiration from Hans Christian Andersons novel, The Snow Queen, I have created a collection of fashion fabrics for bridal wear focusing on embroidery and embellishment using digital and traditional techniques. The collection represents a personal interpretation of the title character the Snow Queen, taking inspiration from different adaptations of the story and how she is represented. Whilst she is mostly described as a wicked and evil villain, she is also described to have elegance and a nurturing nature which I have explored in motifs and textures. Narrative is embedded throughout the collection, with motifs gathered from journey the protagonist Gerda takes to rescue her friend from the Snow Queen.


“Play is a very misused adult word. To a child it is a way of life. To an adult it often means unimportant recreational things we do when we are not working” Jean- Jaques Rousseau

Play is about imagination and creativity. Having the ability to express yourself in a way that is fun to you. Play should not be limited to only childhood; we need to let it travel through our lives. ‘Time to play’ is inspired by my interpretation of play from childhood experiences and how I can recreate this fun into my adulthood. My knitted collection energises more freedom in clothing for adults and opens imagination and fun for us all when we experience adulthood.


Inspired by the essay ‘Goddesses, Witches and Shamed Women’ by Amanda Aldhouse-Green, this project seeks to reframe the narrative around women in the Mabinogion, restoring their agency and power. The hand painted collection consists of one mural and four supporting wallpaper designs that combine traditional and contemporary ideas and techniques. The purpose of the project is to expose Welsh folklore to a wider audience and is aimed at the contract market with hotels and restaurants in mind.



This collection comes from my love for the Arts and Crafts movement and highlighting the time and thought that goes into design and process. Drawing inspiration from archival prints and objects at home to bring a new sense of life to them and adding a light-hearted spin on 20th Century design. I hope this collection shows the beauty and importance of hand processes today of fast interiors and constantly changing trends. I am passionate about showing the connection between the art and the designer and visually showing this in my work through thoughtful hand drawn marks. Textiles can be such a personal subject to everyone from the memories and history fabric can hold, which is what inspires me to design prints which be used in a home for a long time.



This collection is inspired by my love of being in nature and specifically walks through Crackley Woods. Working with screen mono printing to a show a free, loose handwriting style, I explored nature and finding inspiration in smaller things such as the texture of bark or the shape of a petal.


A collection of scarves designed and handprinted for Spring/Summer 24/25 fashion season, tailored for women aged 20-35. Drawing inspiration from the lush rainforest, particularly its endangered or extinct species, this collection is a colourful ode to nature’s wonders. Embracing a bold and lively artistic style, the scarves feature lively watercolour and ink paintings alongside playful collages, mirroring the vibrant hues and diverse shapes of the rainforest. The stylized and abstracted designs capture the essence of this lush ecosystem, reminding us of its beauty and the urgent need to protect it from deforestation. Above all, my collection aims to spark awareness and appreciation for the precious habitats threatened by human activity. By celebrating the intricate details of rainforest flora and fauna, these scarves serve as a colourful reminder of the importance of conservation efforts before it’s too late.



Lost Gardens is a luxury interior collection that explores the lost memories of growing up in Malaysia – specifically the unforeseen life that emerged and flourished once leaving the place behind. It explores the darker side of nature, encompassing overgrown foliage and invasive species that took over the once lush and tended gardens I once used to play in. The theme depicts the disparity between my vividly hued memories of my childhood and the unforgiving passage of time and nature. This imagery manifests heavily through expressive mark makings – exploring light and dark, overlaps and detachment – indicative of the unkept gardens. Embracing the slow process of screen-printing techniques, I have produced a variety of hand printed designs on various textural fabrics and paper.



For this project, I have created a fabric-based collection of unisex fashion patches suitable for children’s clothing aged 2 to 10 years, inspired by the book ‘The Fairy Garden’, written by Georgia Buckthorn and Illustrated by Isabella Mazzanti. Using image inspiration from nature and the fungus that grows in our forests, I have explored felting and digital stitch.



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