Textiles Summer Show 2023

Welcome to Cardiff School of Art & Design’s BA (Hons) Textiles degree show catalogue for 2023. The Summer Show takes place from the 7th – 13th June 2023 at our Llandaff campus. You can find out more about our students work below.

Grace Parkinson-Johns

Uniting nature and nostalgia with locational inspiration, my practice celebrates hand processes whilst infusing contemporary digital techniques to revitalise designs, concepts and marks. Through my creative process I explore physical and spiritual connections within my craft; this inspires and drives me to display messages and atmospheres as a visual language.

Julia Culliford

After completing extensive research and exploration of eco-printing for her dissertation, Julia’s designs either form the basis of her work, or inspires it. Her final collection named ‘Hiraeth’ comes from a Welsh word, that roughly translates into a ‘special place’ or ‘sense of belonging’.

Audrey Guirdham

Audrey is especially interested in the endangered craft of passementerie; a tradition of embellishment for interior furnishings and clothing, which was most popular in the 17th and 18th century. Her current ‘Rejuvenation’ collection of textile artefacts focuses on historical passementerie making methods and contemporary approaches to showcase the skills of the craft as innovative decoration.

Rukhsana Begum Khan

Mediterranean Summers is a womenswear fashion collection that brings together the prints and patterns found across tiles and ceramics found within countries in the Mediterranean. I was inspired to make this collection after learning that the tile and ceramic industry was becoming a vulnerable craft.

Grace Guirdham

The collection, ‘Into the Tropics’, is influenced by her passion for international travel; taking inspiration from Grace’s favourite tropical birds and vegetation, and locations such as Barcelona, where she studied graphic design at Elisava: Escola de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona.

Amber Morris

‘Efflorescence’ is a fabric and paper based design collection for the stationery and lifestyle market, inspired by British indigenous flowers and foliage such as tulips, forget-me-nots and oak leaves, that is aimed at young professionals. This collection aims to reignite the fanciful childhood memories many individuals have with nature, focussing on the whimsical and joyful atmosphere that surrounds those memories.

Nourhan Rashwan

Egypt is a country with a diverse history of Ancient Egypt, Coptic and Islamic culture. Being Egyptian, this diversity has inspired my art and design work, culminating in my ‘Contemporary Egyptian-Nubia’ collection. Located in the south of Egypt, near the valley of the Kings, is the city of Nubia which I explored and focused upon the regional colourful architecture and traditional jewellery.

Diana Gaia Owen

My ‘Tiny Treasures’ exhibition is aimed at highlighting the struggle that New-Travellers face between their nomadic and sedentary lives. I have drawn inspiration for the colour pallet of this collection from the first flowers that bloom in spring such as crocuses, daffodils and forget-me-nots.

Georgia Howe

The Pear Tree Farm range is a kitchen collection, which consists of fabric prints for table cloths or runners, tea towels, aprons and ceramic tiles but with the ability to be translated onto any surface. This collection was designed for home owners and people who have their own distinguished country style within a pastoral, crafted and cosy kitchen environment. These designs display a colour palette that demonstrates a fresh take on the classic with an modern-rustic touch, bringing a familiar rural feeling into the heart of the home..

Asher Moorley

My design collection is a postcard series with designed packaging for wellbeing activities and the stationery market. My design process feeds from my passion for using hemp paper for my designs as it is more sustainable than wood pulp paper and fits with my personal principles

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