Design has infused every aspect of human life, shaping our existence, and influencing the way in which we experience the world. Therefore, now, more than ever we need to recognize its ability to encourage different behaviours and mindsets that will overcome the unsustainable.

With consideration for the future, but with a great insight into the present, I believe that my mission as a Product Designer is to address the real problems that threaten the equilibrium of our society and affect the relationship between humans and the natural world. In my design process, I am always guided by a set of principles that consider not only the user’s needs but also the needs of the environment.

Mae dylunio wedi treiddio i bob agwedd ar fywyd dynol, gan siapio ein bodolaeth, a dylanwadu ar ein profiad ni o’r byd. Felly nawr, mwy nag erioed, mae angen i ni gydnabod ei allu i annog ymddygiadau a meddylfrydiau gwahanol a fydd yn goresgyn yr anghynaliadwy.

Gan roi ystyriaeth i’r dyfodol, ond gyda dirnadaeth fawr o’r presennol, rwy’n credu bod fy nghenhadaeth i fel Dylunydd Cynnyrch yw ymdrin â’r problemau gwirioneddol sy’n bygwth cydbwysedd ein cymdeithas ac sy’n effeithio ar y berthynas rhwng bodau dynol a byd natur. Yn fy mhroses ddylunio, rwyf bob amser yn cael fy nhywys gan set o egwyddorion sy’n ystyried nid yn unig anghenion y defnyddiwr ond anghenion yr amgylchedd hefyd.

Crafted is a community-based service that allows users to connect with artisans from their local area, learn traditional skills and purchase unique items from all over the world.

Aiming to be appealing to a young target audience, it has a fresh appearance but, at the same time, it suggests the idea of handcrafting, blending the old and the new in an intuitive, consistent, and friendly system.

Pause is a smart kettle designed to encourage home workers to take regular and healthy breaks. Combining modern technology with ancient aesthetics, it takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese kettles, aiming to encourage the user to slow down and enjoy the moment.

The kettle is connected via Bluetooth to the app, where the user is able to set his working time and enjoy a freshly boiled cup of tea when the working time ends.