My design philosophy focuses on improving both elements, form, and function to not only create a user-centred design but, exceed expectations on what the user gets from the product. This philosophy is most prevalent in my work on design garden kitchen furniture and my work on new more comfortable respirators for builders as they both aimed to solve a problem without sacrificing aesthetics.

I am always looking to develop new design skills and improving upon my own. I believe combining knowledge gathered from different design areas and fields can influence my design in a new and unthought-of direction, creating something new and innovative.

Creating concepts, bringing blue-sky ideas to life and my obsession with combined with my previous works with companies such as the NHS and Zest-4-leisure makes me confident that I can work in a professional environment.

Mae f’athroniaeth ddylunio yn canolbwyntio ar wella’r ddwy elfen, ffurf a swyddogaeth, er mwyn creu nid yn unig dyluniad sy’n canolbwyntio ar y defnyddiwr, ond rhagori ar ddisgwyliadau am beth gaiff y defnyddiwr o’r cynnyrch. Mae’r athroniaeth hon amlycaf yn fy nwgaith ar ddylunio dodrefn gardd gegin a’m gwaith ar anadlyddion newydd mwy cysurus i adeiladwyr gan mai nod y ddau beth yw datrys problem heb aberthu estheteg.

Rwyf bob amser yn ceisio datblygu sgiliau dylunio newydd a gwella’r sgiliau sydd gennyf. Credaf y gall cyfuno gwybodaeth sy’n cael ei chasglu o feysydd dylunio gwahanol ddylanwadu ar fy nylunio mewn cyfeiriad newydd ac annisgwyl, gan greu rhywbeth newydd ac arloesol.

Drwy greu cysyniadau, dod â syniadau awyr las yn fwy a’m hobsesiwn o’u cyfuno â’m gweithiau blaenorol gyda chwmnïau fel y GIG a Zest-4-leisure, rwy’n hyderus y gallaf weithio mewn amgylchedd proffesiynol

D2F Crystalline Respirator with removable filters

The Respirator is an all-in-one respirator that focuses on comfort and keeping the users safe, instead of having to buy multiply products such as googles, a mask or ear defenders. It is compatible with helmets so it can protect the crucial parts of the head as well as the face.

Zest-4-Leisure concept sketches 24-hour brief

The idea behind this project was to generate quick ideation and get to a final idea within 24-hours. The brief asked to design garden kitchen furniture that contained or gave the illusion of a natural curve. These sketches show the starting point of how I start concept generating.

The NHS safety care bungalow

the idea was to create a system or product that will help elderly people that want to be independent but, can’t due to health reasons. This design with help from other health products and the use of greenery to lift the mood of the occupant provides a sense of freedom.

Softwood timber fold-up garden kitchen/bar

The use of the garden to social has increased ever since the start of the lockdown, this was the basis for this project. I aimed to create a social space for dining that can be used no matter the weather conditions and can be folded away when not in use.