As a young driven design student my passion lies with creating and developing solutions which improve the experience of the end user, whilst maintaining a high level of sustainability and taking an eco-friendly approach. I believe that a product must serve a valuable purpose in order to be successful, whilst also maintaining functionality and beautiful aesthetics. I think a successful design should make the customer want to use the product and this relationship is what makes a good design stand out to me. These principles are what I incorporate into my work whilst also taking a user centred design approach, with a heavy focus on solving real world problems.

Since joining CSAD my design style, tastes and skills have matured dramatically, leaving me with a real passion for the design process and drive to put my designs into practice in the real world. During my time studying product design I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of briefs, shaping me as a young designer and allowing me to develop all the skills used throughout the design process. From sketch ideation to CAD modelling to prototyping with my 3D printer, these briefs have not only allowed me to experiment with design as an individual but also as part of a multidisciplinary team, highlighting my strengths which I can bring to a group.

Fel myfyriwr dylunio ifanc, cryf fy nghymhelliant, f’angerdd yw creu a datblygu atebion sy’n gwella profiad y defnyddiwr terfynol, wrth gadw lefel uchel o gynaladwyedd a defnyddio dull ecogyfeillgar. Rwy’n credu bod rhaid i gynnyrch fodloni pwrpas gwerthfawr er mwyn llwyddo, ar yr un pryd â chynnal ymarferoldeb ac estheteg hardd. Rwy’n credu y dylai dylunio llwyddiannus wneud i’r cwsmer ddymuno defnyddio’r cynnyrch a’r berthynas hon yw beth sy’n amlygu dyluniad da i mi. Dyma’r egwyddorion rwy’n eu hymgorffori yn fy ngwaith wrth fabwysiadu dull dylunio sy’n canolbwyntio ar y defnyddiwr hefyd, gyda ffocws cryf ar ddatrys problemau’r byd go iawn.

Ers ymuno â CSAD mae f’arddull, chwaeth a sgiliau dylunio wedi aeddfedu’n aruthrol, gan fy ngadael gydag angerdd gwirioneddol dros y broses ddylunio ac awydd i roi fy nyluniadau ar waith yn y byd go iawn. Yn ystod f’amser yn astudio dylunio cynnyrch bu gen i’r cyfle i weithio ar amrywiaeth eang o friffiau, sydd wedi fy siapio fel dylunydd ifanc ac wedi gadael i mi feithrin yr holl sgiliau sy’n cael eu defnyddio yn y broses ddylunio. O syniadu brasluniau i fodelu CAD i greu prototeipiau gyda f’argraffydd 3D, mae’r briffiau hyn nid yn unig wedi gadael i mi arbrofi gyda dylunio fel unigolyn ond hefyd fel rhan o dîm amlddisgyblaeth, gan amlygu’r cryfderau gallaf ddod â nhw i grŵp.

MyMakerFactory – RSA Awards Shortlisted

Currently, there isn’t much education on the use of recycled plastic and circular design principles in secondary schools. I believe that it’s important to instill these values in the younger generation in order for them to carry these principles forward into their work later in life.

My modules focus on the education secondary school Design Technology students in order to expose them to a more circular way of designing. The modules allow users to repurpose their already existing plastic waste collected from home items, waste from 3D printing and supermarket product plastics into a design of their own.

Through this experimentation they learn all about the plastic recycling process and the role it can play in their future work. Similarly to how 3D printing has allowed thousands of people to bring their designs to life at home, my product enables the user to design, experiment and create with recycled plastic from the comfort of their home, whereas before this would have been impossible for some due to a lack of working space or expensive equipment.

The user not only learns about the plastic recycling process, but also about different circular design principles through the module’s material uses, its open and easily fixable design and use of non-proprietary parts.

Muddies – Longboard Mudguards

With the introduction of electric longboards as a new way to travel, more and more people are using electric longboards to commute to work, socialize and as a hobby.

However, in the same way to how a bike splashes the rider without mudguards when the ground is wet, longboards have this same issue but cover the user in even more mud and wet road debris. Also, similarly to how bikes need safety lights in order to be safely seen at night, longboards also face this same issue of not being seen in low lighting. Through my personal struggles with these problems, I designed muddies as an all in one product to solve these issues.

Muddies fixes both of these issues and allows the rider to arrive at their destination safely whilst keeping their trousers clean and dry. Muddies tuns an annoying affect of riding into a beneficial feature by powering the lights using the vibrations which run through the board whilst riding. This means that once muddies are installed, there’s no need for any battery replacement or charging – you can put them on and forget.

Muddies also features a one fits all design meaning they work with any board setup. Muddies include interchangeable mudguards for different wheel sizes and customizable colors when ordering online. This means that if you decide to change your wheel size, you can change out the mudguard and not have to throw away the whole unit.