Yalda Bozorg

MA Ceramics | 2016

Yalda Bozorg - MA Ceramics

Yalda Bozorg - MA Ceramics

The Aftermath

Our world has become very complicated. Violence is everywhere and our society has become too familiar to these scenes that people have become indifferent towards them.

I find ignoring the pain of others the most disturbing part… We simply do not care! Sometimes I find myself intentionally closing my eyes, turning my head and walking away when I witness a violent scene. I flip the channel when I see a violent image and I turn off the radio when I hear a sad news.

When I had the opportunity to work on a subject of my choice, I decided to face the reality and force myself to work on a subject that I have been trying to avoid for a long time; therefore, I started to really see all the frightening images around me and be inspired by them. Then I decided to take my viewer to this journey with me…
Let’s explore the After Math and look for hope where we least expect it!