As a student of design and a lover of engineering my passion is towards making products that are functional. I strive to produce designs that capture maximum functionality through divergent ways of thinking whilst also making visually stunning products. My keen eye for detail means that I am experienced in the full design process, from getting the initial customer specification and understanding the technical aspects of the job, to drawing up the design and presenting the finished prototype to the customer. I am accustomed to working under pressure being a natural problem solver with the ability to come up with innovative solutions and appealing products for manufacture. My work done for Bolt Burdon kemp to create a product to help people with SCI’S, involved getting to know clients from the target market in order to create a product which would help their functionality in everyday life. My technical report investigated issues surrounding social media and human sustainability where it was vital that I designed a product to aid humanity through ethical design consideration. I believe to achieve you must consider all elements of the design process equally to produce designs that stand up to the test of time and drive forwards the importance of true sustainability. The projects that I have undertaken this year convey this philosophy. Using these principles in my work I hope to affect the world positively in any way I can, to contribute to a world which is built with function, beauty, and sustainability in mind.

Fel myfyriwr dylunio a chariad tuag at beirianneg, rwy’n angerddol am wneud cynhyrchion sy’n swyddogaethol. Rwy’n ymdrechu i gynhyrchu dyluniadau sy’n dal y swyddogaeth fwyaf posibl trwy ffyrdd amrywiol o feddwl tra hefyd yn gwneud cynhyrchion sy’n weledol syfrdanol. Mae fy llygad craff am fanylion yn golygu fy mod yn brofiadol yn y broses ddylunio lawn, o gael manyleb gychwynnol y cwsmer a deall agweddau technegol y swydd, i lunio’r dyluniad a chyflwyno’r prototeip gorffenedig i’r cwsmer. Rwy’n gyfarwydd â gweithio dan bwysau fel datryswr problemau naturiol gyda’r gallu i feddwl am atebion arloesol a chynhyrchion apelgar i’w cynhyrchu. Roedd fy ngwaith a wnaed ar gyfer Bolt Burdon Kemp i greu cynnyrch i helpu pobl â SCI’S, yn cynnwys dod i adnabod cleientiaid o’r farchnad darged er mwyn creu cynnyrch a fyddai’n helpu eu swyddogaeth mewn bywyd bob dydd. Ymchwiliodd fy adroddiad technegol i faterion yn ymwneud â chyfryngau cymdeithasol a chynaliadwyedd dynol lle roedd yn hanfodol fy mod wedi cynllunio cynnyrch i gynorthwyo dynoliaeth trwy ystyried dyluniad moesegol. Credaf, er mwyn cyflawni hyn, mae’n rhaid i chi ystyried pob elfen o’r broses ddylunio yn gyfartal i gynhyrchu dyluniadau sy’n goroesi dros amser ac yn gyrru ymlaen bwysigrwydd gwir gynaliadwyedd. Mae’r prosiectau rydw i wedi ymgymryd â nhw eleni yn cyfleu’r athroniaeth hon. Gan ddefnyddio’r egwyddorion hyn yn fy ngwaith, rwy’n gobeithio effeithio’n gadarnhaol ar y byd mewn unrhyw ffordd y gallaf, i gyfrannu at fyd sydd wedi’i adeiladu gyda swyddogaeth, harddwch a chynaliadwyedd mewn golwg.

with outdoor kitchens commanding a huge price in the current market, many homeowners may not be able to afford upwards of £10,000 on a fitted outdoor kitchen. many people opt to build their own, this may have its benefits and can save a lot of money but these solutions can often not be as durable and end up costing more money when they need to be repaired or refitted.

MOK is the modular outdoor kitchen solution designed to be able to buy as little or as much as you want. incorporating interchangeable parts makes it perfect to suit all your outdoor socialising needs. its buy and add on system allows you to keep adding to your kitchen over time, saving money in the short term and the long term.

Prompt the phone dock that gets angry. It utilises the same basic human nature that is preyed upon by social media but for good. Take the phone of the dock and it will scream put it back on then its happy. Prompt utilises many technologies such as Bluetooth and wireless charging to create a place to put a phone at work to disable distraction. The technologies will stop notifications and only allow phone use when using the timer function. It reflects modern smart appliance trends and offers a solution to procrastination at work. Whilst also being utilisable in other settings such as at home whilst sleeping. Keeping you off your phone keeps you positive, keeps you motivated and fixes your addiction. Prompt gives you the dopamine release in a different way. The dock glows green when the phone is put down. This instant reward will help users really start to take notice of their phone use and social Media use. It helps improve mental health and productivity at the same time

W-RCC is designed to make any wheelchair usable in the shower, within any bathroom at home or away such as changing places bathrooms. it will keep any wheelchair dry. this will make showering more efficient, less time consuming and above all, less dangerous, as no transfer to a shower chair is required.

W-RCC negates the use of a shower chair. the waterproof wheelchair cushion works as a normal pressure relieving cushion with material contained within its pockets.
to use your wheelchair in the shower without the risk of corrosion, the material can be deployed from the cushion cover whilst sat, to make any wheelchair waterproof by utilising waterproof zips and elastic toggles. this material can then be folded and wrapped back into the pockets when not in use.