Simple, beautiful engineering and design can make the impossible possible, and it all starts with a spark of inspiration. When you put your mind to something, a solution can always be found. Mechanical design and ergonomic form can go a long way to make your design truly great, with intuitive and deceptively simple solutions that allow the user to have the best experience possible from your product.

This methodology runs through all of my design work, and nowhere is that clearer than in my major project, where I show a product that is both beautiful and easy for users to comprehend. However, underneath the surface there are levels of subtle mechanical engineering that make this product extremely resilient against thieves, and allow it to surpass its competition.

These design details are what make the difference between a good product and a great one, and mastering this aspect of my design work is what made my designs get better over time, and what will continue to make them do so.

Going forward, I would like to weave and develop this methodology throughout everything I do and continue to push the boundaries of design.

Gall peirianneg a dylunio syml, hardd wneud yr amhosibl yn bosibl, ac mae’r cyfan yn dechrau gyda gwreichionen o ysbrydoliaeth. Pan roddwch eich meddwl i rywbeth, gellir bob amser dod o hyd i ateb. Gall dyluniad mecanyddol a ffurf ergonomig fynd yn bell i wneud eich dyluniad yn wirioneddol wych, gydag atebion sythweledol a thwyllodrus syml sy’n caniatáu i’r defnyddiwr gael y profiad gorau posibl o’ch cynnyrch.

Mae’r fethodoleg hon yn rhedeg trwy fy holl waith dylunio, ac nid oes unman lle mae hynny’n gliriach nag yn fy mhrosiect mawr, lle rwy’n dangos cynnyrch sy’n brydferth ac yn hawdd i ddefnyddwyr ei ddeall. Fodd bynnag, o dan yr wyneb mae lefelau o beirianneg fecanyddol gynnil sy’n gwneud y cynnyrch hwn yn hynod o wydn yn erbyn lladron, ac sy’n caniatáu iddo ragori ar ei gystadleuaeth.

Y manylion dylunio hyn yw’r hyn sy’n gwneud y gwahaniaeth rhwng cynnyrch da ac un gwych, a meistroli’r agwedd hon ar fy ngwaith dylunio yw’r hyn a barodd i’m dyluniadau wella dros amser, a’r hyn a fydd yn parhau i wneud iddynt wneud hynny.

Wrth symud ymlaen, hoffwn wehyddu a datblygu’r fethodoleg hon trwy bopeth a wnaf a pharhau i wthio ffiniau dylunio.

Revolved: A secure bike lock that rethinks and reassesses bike lock design to take out all of the flaws most other locks have. The wire is designed to be extremely strong and durable while providing movement in the lock itself. The lock is a simple thing of beauty on the outside but within are complex levels of engineering designed to keep your bike safe and secure.

Blossom: A beautifully engineered and ergonomically designed piece of garden furniture that serves as a place to store things when closed and a welcoming and roomy indoor space when open that can be used for various activities.

Blossom is perfectly designed to be used for outdoor gatherings and social events. It is adaptable for both standing and sitting events, with a simple lift and twist of the table the tabletop can be repositioned at any desired height. The panels can be situated and any angle allowing for full protection from the elements at all times.