Kathryn Lewis

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014

Hybrid Sea Creatures

Kathryn’s work draws on the adult’s perception of wariness of the unknown and possible dangers, alongside a child-like fascination, reminiscent of hunting through rock pools or visiting natural history museums. She hopes for a personal connection between the work and the viewer. Her work does not attempt to be traditionally beautiful, but is challenging and intriguing. Individual parts may be seen as beautiful, yet as part of a whole this natural beauty may be hidden without closer inspection by the viewer.

Kathryn has created hybrid sea creatures, born out of a mixture of fragments of different real images. Her work is inspired by narrative and mythological influences. She has explored fragmentation as a way of expressing the unknown world of the under the sea landscape (with the majority of our oceans still remaining unexplored), and also as a link to “Fiji mermaid” style circus creations which used this lack of knowledge to great effect. She hopes to challenge the viewers perception and ask them to look again by creating work that although made of recognisable parts is concocted from the imagination.