Louise Canciani

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2014

Suspended Memory

Louise Canciani creates ceramics, in response to experiences had. Visiting the derelict Spode Factory, Stoke on Trent became a starting point in the research and development of her final exhibition piece.

Decay, time passing, creating an identity through the people we know, and have met, Time fading away, Creating new memories. Through the materiality and techniques used in the clay body of work.

The decomposition of buildings that once held and created memories caused her to think about memories that were shared with the people known to her, and the people who contributed to the identity she now has, who she is. Memories and recording memory.

The imagery of work represents the deterioration of time, memories passing and fermenting. The people we know now and the people we once connected with, but no longer do.

Using oxides and slips to create crackled abstract portraits of the subjects. Those of which contributed to the identity, but have now faded. Using oxides to create a matt finish that represents aging, old, the past, and dissolution.